Otoplasty is a procedure which makes it possible to “pin back”, reshape or reduce the ears in size. This procedure is also performed to make the ears more symmetrical.

Otoplasty surgery is a straightforward procedure which involves the experienced Surgeon making small and discreet surgical incisions behind the ears and within the ears to ensure that there is no visible scarring usually takes between one and two hours to complete while the patient is under a general anesthetic.

During the consultation, the Surgeon will examine the structure of the ears and discuss possibilities for correcting the problems. Even if only one ear needs “pinning back,” surgery will probably be recommended on both ears to achieve the most natural, symmetrical appearance.


Otoplasty surgery begins with an incision just behind the ear, close to where the ear joins the head. The Surgeon will then remove cartilage and skin and sculpt the ear to the desired look. Cartilage is then pinned back with sutures.

In other instances, the Surgeon will not remove any cartilage, but use stitches to hold the cartilage permanently in place. After sculpting the cartilage to the right shape, the Surgeon will apply sutures.

Q: What should I expect after surgery?

A: Small dressings are applied to the ears will remain for a few days. Most patients experience some mild discomfort. If you are accustomed to sleeping on your side, your sleep patterns may be disrupted for a week or so because you cannot put any pressure on the ear areas. Headbands are sometimes recommended to hold the ears in the desired position for two weeks after the surgery.

Q: What is the best age for an Otoplasty?

A: Otoplasty can be performed on patients of all ages.

Q: Will the surgery alter my hearing?

A: Otoplasty does not alter hearing.

Q: Is there a scar after Otoplasty?

A: The incision is right behind the ear and will be hidden very well. A dressing will be applied and will require being worn for 5 days following Otoplasty. The skin will be bruised and generally doesn’t last more than two weeks.

Q: Are there major risks involved in an Otoplasty procedure?

A: Otoplasty is a very safe operation. Major nerves and vessels are not at risk of injury nor is your risk of altered hearing. Your Surgeon will take the time to discuss all aspects of the surgery and address any concerns with you during your consultation.

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