Eyebrow Hair Transplant Surgery

About 4 million people each year face the reality that their eyebrow hair is thinning. As a result they have bald spots in their brows. For many women, drawing on their eyebrows becomes a burdensome morning ritual. Hair loss is a confidence killer regardless if it’s your receding hairline or your disappearing or non-existent eyebrows which is why people turn to different forms of eyebrow restoration.

When eyebrow hair loss becomes a beauty flaw, eyebrow transplants are the most natural, low maintenance solution available to both women and men. It may come as a surprise, but anyone can have “bald spots” in their eyebrows. Eyebrow hair loss does not gender discriminate. While the eyebrow hair transplant is a common procedure with women, more and more men are having them.

Because of their central position on the face, eyebrows are a defining attribute for balanced facial symmetry. Eyebrows frame your eyes and accentuate their natural beauty, so the primary goal is to design and sculpt an eyebrow shape that adds, dimension, glamour and drama to your face by creating the optimum symmetry and proportion to all your facial features, giving the allusion of perfection. Well-proportioned eyebrows give more depth to your expression, brighten your eyes and lift your face giving it a more vital appearance. They make a significant difference in the presentation of your entire face.

Surgical precision and skill is needed to recreate the appropriate acute angle that hair exits skin as well as the directional changes that take place in the eyebrow. The hair begins pointing upward at its medial aspect where the eyebrow begins near the nose. Then the hairs angle down from the top and up from the bottom, as they converge near the midline, moving laterally across the face over the eye.


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