FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant technique in which the hair is trimmed and strong, healthy hairs are identified for transplanting in thinning areas

The emphasis of the Surgeon’s time in FUE procedures is very much on the extraction of the follicular units from the donor area, so the time remaining to artistically transplant the grafts into their new position may be reduced. Therefore, FUE procedures tend to be smaller than FUT in terms of the number of grafts, or else are done over several days.

An average size FUE case would involve extracting follicular units for 800-2,000 grafts. This would take up to 10 hours approximately.

If a patient needs more than 2,000 grafts, the complete procedure may require more than one day of surgery.

The maximum recommended number of grafts in one session is usually 2,500 – 3,000.

It is generally accepted that the maximum number of follicular units that can be extracted with FUE and not show visible signs in the donor area is around 5,000 follicular units, although this would be spread over 2-3 surgical sessions.

In the FUE technique, the donor area is shaved and then follicular unit grafts are extracted directly from the scalp, one follicular unit at a time using a .8mm to 1mm punch which creates an incision around the top of the follicular units and extracts them directly from the scalp.

Once the donor hair is harvested, the recipient sites are created in the transplant area and the follicular grafts are carefully and artistically placed in the same way as with follicular unit transplantation procedures.

If the Surgeon requires single hairs for hairline restoration, the extracted follicular units may be microscopically dissected.

Q: How many hairs are required to cover the bald area?

A. The answer depends on the size of the bald area as well as the density required by a patient. Your surgeon can discuss the details of your area during your consultation.

Q: Does the transplant area look natural?

A: The look is natural! You can ask to view patient before and after books during your consultation.

Q: I have a medical condition. Can I still receive a hair transplant?

A: Pre-existing medical conditions are always a concern. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please tell your surgeon during your consultation and your surgeon can provide details on your specific care needs.

Q: How long will the Hair Transplants last?

A: The transplanted hair follicles have the same characteristics of the donor-area. As a result, the transplanted hair is intended to and usually lasts a lifetime.

Q: Is there a good age to have the Hair Transplant surgery?

A: In most cases, a hair transplantation can be performed at any age; however, a patient’s age is a vital factor to be considered in all cases.

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