One Health Competitive Pricing

At One Health, we work with some of the top talent in the cosmetic industry. Our cosmetic surgeons have practiced all over the world, providing only the highest quality procedures that deliver results. Our patients are our priority and we stand by our philosophy of delivering the highest quality procedures that deliver results at competitive prices.

Exact pricing for cosmetic surgery procedures vary from patient to patient depending on their specific needs. That’s why on our website, we can only offer a price range that procedures typically cost. Call to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss the procedure that’s right for you and specific pricing.

Breast Surgery

Procedure Price From
Breast Reduction £5695
Breast Uplift AND Enlargement £6095
Gynaecomastia £2950
Breast Uplift £5195
Breast Enlargement £4595

Breast Implants

Procedure Price From
‘Natrelle’ Anatomical £4795
‘Natrelle’ Round / Motiva £4595

Breast Implant Replacement

Procedure Price From
With Natrelle / Motiva round implants £5095
With Natrelle anatomical implants £5595
With uplift + Natrelle round implants £6295
With uplift + Natrelle anatomical implants £6795

Mastopexy & Breast Augmentation

Procedure Price From
‘Natrelle’ Anatomical £6595
‘Natrelle’ Round £6095

Other Breast Surgery

Procedure Price From
B/A (areola reduction) £5495
B/A (inverted) £5095
B/A (nipple lift) £4600
B/A (nipple lift) Natrelle Round / Motiva £5200
B/A (nipple lift) Natrelle Anatomical £5700
Implant removal £3995
Nipple Reduction £2650
Inverted Nipple £2500
Gynaecomastia (massive) £4595

Body Surgery

Procedure Price From
Mini Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) £4995
Full abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) £5995
Liposculpture £2850
Vaser Lipo From £1995
Arm Lift £4695
Thigh Lift £5250
Buttock lift £4700
Labia reduction £3295
Mole Removal £490

Body Reshaping

Procedure Price From
Mini abdo £4995
Full abdo £5995
Full abdo & contouring lipo £6995


Procedure Price From
Chin area £1750
Any 1 area £2850
Any 2 areas £3695
Any 3 areas £4250
Any 4 areas £4750

Vaser Lipo

Procedure Price From
Any 1 area £1995
Any 2 areas £2995
Any 3 areas £3995
Any 4 areas £4995

Face Surgery

Procedure Price From
Face Lift £5495
Brow Lift £4595
Lower bleph (Eye bag removal) £2995
Rhinoplasty £4295
Otoplasty £2695
Mole Removal £490
Silhouette Soft™ £450 per thread
Silhouette Lift™ (Local Anaesthetic) £2250
Silhouette Lift™ (General Anaesthetic) £2750

Facial Rejuvenation

Procedure Price From
Mini face lift £5495
Full face lift £5995
Brow lift £4595
Face + Brow lift £9950
Face Lift + upper + lower bleph £6995
Face Lift + upper or lower bleph £6495
Face Lift + browlift + upper + lower bleph £10995
Upper bleph £2995
Lower bleph £2995
Upper and lower bleph £3995
Chin tuck £3495
Neck lift £4850

Facial Reshaping

Procedure Price From
Rhinoplasty £4295
Septoplasty £4495
Rhino and septoplasty £4995
Rhino tip £3495
Otoplasty (one or both ears) £2655 – LA
Otoplasty (one or both ears) £3095 – GA


Botox Injections

Procedure Price From
Botox area 1 £149.00
Botox area 2 £249.00
Botox area 3 £299.00
Jawline Botox From £250.00

Stylage Fillers

Procedure Price From
Stylage S with Lidocaine £200.00 Per Syringe
Special Lips with Lidocaine £220.00 Per Syringe
Stylage M with Lidocaine £240.00 Per Syringe
Stylage L  with Lidocaine £295.00 Per Syringe
Special Lips with Lidocaine £350.00 Per Syringe
Stylage L or XL with Lidocaine £350.00 Per Syringe
Stylage XL 2x1ml with Lidocaine £350.00 Per Syringe
Stylage XL 1×2.2ml with Lidocaine £695.00

Hyperhydrosis – Excessive Perspiration Treatment

Procedure Price From
Botox under arms £500.00

Derma Roller

Procedure Price From
1x Derma Roller £250
3x Derma Roller £750

Skin Peels

Procedure Price From
Skin Peel £95 – £150
Procedure Price From
Consultation FREE
Gastric Balloon £3950
Gastric band – under 50 bmi From £4995
Gastric band – 50-60 bmi £6450
Gastric band – over 60 bmi £6950
Gastric sleeve £9950
Gastric bypass – upto 60 bmi £10950
Gastric bypass – over 60 bmi £11950
Band fill (out of aftercare package) £150
Gastric band removal £5000
Port Reconnection £1500
Port Replacement £2000
Port Adjustment £1500

Hair Transplant Surgery


Graft Range Price From
1000 £4500
2000 £6500
3000 £8500


Graft Range Price From
1000 £4250
2000 £7500
3000 £10500

Artas® Robotic FUE

Graft Range Price From
1000 £4750
2000 £8500
3000 £12000

Facial Hair

Procedure Price From
Facial Hair POA
Eyebrows POA

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Our price list is correct as of the time of publication. One Health reserves the right to change prices at any time and prices are subject to change after consultation, at which point patients will receive their Personal Quotation for all desired services.

Flexible Payment Options

We understand financing can be a large obstacle to overcome and can also be the sole decision in electing to have a procedure or not. For those who feel cosmetic surgery isn’t an option due to financial circumstances, call One Health and discuss your financing options with our staff. Allow us to find you manageable payment options that fit your budget.


*Excludes Aesthetic Dermatology (Non-Surgical)

One Health provides funding for a variety of procedures, including, but not limited to cosmetic, weight loss and hair transplant surgery.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow between £350 and £50,000, subject to status. You must be over 21 to apply.

How much will I pay?

With 0% interest, you pay the costs of your treatment – no more and no less. Interest free means exactly that- Interest Free!

Examples of the monthly repayments are shown below:

Treatment Cost £600 £1500 £3000
Deposit £0 £0 £0
Amount of Credit £600 £1500 £3000
Term of Loan 10 months 10 months 10 months
Representative APR 0% 0% 0%
Monthly Repayment £60 £150 £300
Total Amount Repaid £600 £1500 £3000

How do I apply?

You will need to complete a simple, online credit application, which one of our staff can help you with during your consultation. Most applications are approved straight away, to ensure you can schedule your surgery as soon as you like.


How do I make the repayments?

Just as you would pay most bills, monthly payments are collected by Direct Debit and are subject the standard guarantee from your bank.


Financing available to persons aged 18 or older. Subject to status and written quotations available upon request:

  • Minimum deposit £500
  • Full/Part time employed or self-employed
  • UK resident for a minimum of 3 years
  • All Payments by Direct Debit

How long will it take to receive application approval?
Around 15 minutes.

What paperwork will I need to bring with me to apply?
ID and Card that will be used for payment.

When will my first payment be due?
Following the day of your procedure.

May I settle my payment early?
Yes. Contract details will be provided where you may read more on how to pay your loan off early.

Do I have options if I feel I can’t afford payment?
Yes. When applying for financing, simply request the loan contract term to be extended for a longer amount of time.

May I pay off the balance in amounts larger than my contracted payments?
Yes. Contract details will be provided where you may read more on how to pay in bulk payments.

Discuss One Health Financing details with a member of our staff!