One Health Weight Loss

One Health Weight Loss Surgeons and skilled specialists use the latest techniques and procedures to help patients decide which procedure is perfect for them. Our Bariatric Surgeons have performed thousands of surgeries with some of the most advanced and effective techniques available.

Over years of practicing, we’ve listened to stories of patients who have struggled with their weight their entire lives. We’ve listened to stories of countless diets and every workout fad imaginable. That’s why our skilled Surgeons and dedicated specialists understand the hardships of being overweight and work to help support success every step of the way. One Health is proud to offer comprehensive and safe weight loss surgery options that work best for each individual patient’s needs.

One Health believes in healthy weight loss goals and works with you over time to help you become the best you possible. All the procedure options work by promoting feelings of fullness, getting fuller faster and staying full longer. These are effective weight loss options that help you gradually lose weight and keep it off long-term.

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The BMI, body mass index, calculator measures body fat based on height and weight that applies to men and women.

Enter your height and weight using imperial or metric measures and select calculate.

BMI < 20 under weight
BMI 20 – 24.9 healthy weight
BMI 25 – 29.9 over weight
BMI 30 – 34.9 obesity
BMI 35 – 39.9 severe obesity
BMI 40 – 44.9 morbid obesity
BMI > 50 super morbid obesity